Monday, April 4, 2011

Photography - Urban Minimalism?

Well, after years of searching, I feel like I have come right back to that which excited me in Photo II, second photography class I ever took.  There is something very unique and special to me about the beauty of light's play on mankind's sculpture.  Whether it be actual sculpture, displayed outdoors, where the light is a product of Sun and Earth's rotation, or indoors, as a further part of the artist's work, intentional and controlled  OR it is architecture, meant to be visually beautiful, but not necessarily in control of the light that surrounds it, touches it, paints upon what is already beautiful, or makes beautiful that which is ugly --- I find the sculptures, the architecture, the light, all incredibly awesome (in the true meaning of the word) when taken as a whole.

I have found a new artist to admire, in the photographer Dennis Gilbert.  Check out his stuff and look at what I was composing, before I was aware of seeing his work, but, probably, influenced all the same.

I am striving to connect all the pieces, in just the right plane - truly composing.  My photography teacher's words still ring in my ear:  "Push the subject.  Get everything you can out of it.  Don't leave anything behind."

Hoping to soon make a career out of it, a la Mr. Gilbert.  Been working with cell phone cameras and decent point and shoots.  Seems like I'm really taking a jump off the high dive in buying the big high-tech guy --- let's see what kind of work we make together.